Launching of the first 21500t asphalt tanker manufactured by Wuhu Shipyard
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2022-02-11 18:32:00

At 11:00 a.m. on October 26, Wuhu Shipyard held a launching ceremony for the first production ship "ATLANTIC NARVAL", a 21500 ton asphalt/product oil tanker built by ATLANTIC NARVAL SHIPPING PTE. LTD., which is the largest tonnage asphalt tanker built in Anhui Province.

The ship was carefully designed and built by FKAB, a Swedish ship design company. Its owner is Continental Bitumen, a British company. The ship has a total length of 168.7 meters, a moulded width of 28.2 meters, a structural draft of 9.2 meters, a speed of no less than 13 knots, an independent cargo hold, a single engine, a single propeller, and a dual fuel main engine. It is classified as French Classification Society.

The design of this FKAB I15 ship adopts an optimized hull form, and its operation will adopt the patented F bow solution. The ship has independent cargo hold, and can transport asphalt with temperature up to 200 ℃. The new ship adopts a single bottom with ballast tanks on both sides. The high temperature change of the ship requires special design consideration, especially the thermal expansion of storage tanks and pipelines. The cargo hold on the ship consists of two blocks, the front and the rear of the pump room. Each block is equipped with 4 and 6 tanks respectively. The new ship is also equipped with a dual fuel engine, which can be propelled by LNG/LBG power, and is also equipped with batteries.

The first production of 21500 ton asphalt/product oil tanker was started in November last year. The total construction period of the slipway was four months. Wuhu Shipyard competed with the high temperature for time and the epidemic situation to complete the tank installation of the slipway for the first time. At present, 13 ballast tanks and 2 chain lockers have completed the application for inspection of coating completion. A total of 1142 epoxy cushion blocks at the bottom of the asphalt tank have been poured for 70%, which improves the integrity of launching and cargo hold, shortens the wharf cycle, and fully meets the expected requirements for launching.

It is reported that the ship weighs 9937 tons when it is launched. It adopts a double tank design, which can hold asphalt and oil in two different forms. To meet the needs of the two types of liquid cargo, the hoisted tank body is wrapped with two layers of rock wool for thermal insulation and aluminum foil for moisture resistance. The gap between the tank body and the bilge space is narrow, and it is difficult to operate manually. It all depends on the cooperation of two gantry cranes. The successful lifting of 21500 ton asphalt/product oil tanker filled the gap of the largest tonnage lifting technology in the history of shipbuilding in China.

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