Corporate Culture

Positive: integrity, positive energy, positive attitude and sunny thinking. Be upright, do things right, and follow the right path. Fair and just, just and upright. Deal with matters rather than people, and help others rather than relatives.

Master: Be the master of the company. Insist on maximizing the interests of the company. Be proactive and self driven.

People: Employees are family members. Employees are the company's greatest wealth. Employees are the company's feng shui. Be virtuous and meritorious. Improve employee happiness index. Achieve yourself and others.

Power: power is in the position. The post is fully responsible. Performance to position.

Achievements: constantly surpassing, and only being the first. Things are in front of people, and results are oriented. Pay 30% more than others. The culture of meritorious service, wolf like team, and clear rewards and punishments.

Help: Give first. Helpful and altruistic. To help others is to help yourself. All for one, one for all.

Study: Learning team. To pay homage to teachers of higher learning, invite experts and cultivate expertise. Upgrade thinking and habits. Craftsman spirit, keep improving. Read a good book every month.

Reality: Live in the present, be realistic, tell the truth and speak clearly. Have the spirit of challenge and force yourself and your subordinates to grow. The sense of achievement is the engine of human beings, which is to fight and win at the same time.

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