MSC has received the world's largest container ship
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2023-03-15 14:47:26

The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) received the delivery volume of the largest container ship in the world. MSCIRINA with a capacity of 24346TEU has been handed over to the Bank of Communications Finance Leasing Company, which will lease the ship to MSC.

This delivery was carried out in Zhoushan, China, and MSCTESSA also delivered in Shanghai on the same day. MSCTESSA is another ship with a capacity of more than 24000TEU. As part of the capacity expansion, it has joined the fleet of MSC. In the next few months, there will be more than ten such ships joining the MSC fleet.


MSCIRINA will start service on March 21 and will leave Qingdao on March 23. Its first stop will be Busan, South Korea, followed by five ports in China, and then to the Suez Canal. Subsequently, the ship will visit Italy and Spain in the Mediterranean, then go to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and then return to Asia.

The shipyard also reported that MSCIRINA was built very quickly and stayed in the dock for 144 days. The work of the ship began on November 29, 2021 and was completed on October 29, 2022.

MSCIRINA will build five sister ships of the same class at the Yangtze River Shipyard. All ships at this level will be equipped with air lubrication technology, large-diameter propeller, energy-saving pipeline, scrubber and shaft generation system. The shipyard estimated that compared with traditional ships, the carbon dioxide emissions of such ships would help to reduce by 3-4%, and the transport volume would set a new record!

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